Friday, 30 May 2014

Killing the truth in Venezuela: the 1001 assassination attempts according to Boligarchs

Boligarchs have a long-standing tradition of announcing how the Evil Forces are trying to assassinate their main figures.
Boligarchs are beyond the law in Venezuela

Here we have an update of all the accusations since Chávez's death.

03.05.2013 Maduro accused Uribe and the "Venezuelan extreme right" of trying to kill him.
11.06.2013 Venezuelan government said it managed to stop an assassination attempt by Colombian military against Maduro. A little bit later, former vice-president and well-known Boligarch Rangel said the opposition had bought 18 war planes from the US to attack Venezuela and that they were in a Colombian military base.
24.07.2013 Boligarch Diosdado Cabello declared a new murder attempt against Maduro and himself was under way and that he, Diosdado Cabello (God Given Hair) would present a formal accusation "in due time".
27.08.2013 Venezuelan government announced there was yet a new plan against Maduro being planned in Colombia. Two Colombians arrived 13 August to try to kill him.
15.03.2014 Maduro said Obama has a plan to kill him.
28.05.2014 The government revealed another plan by the opposition to kill Maduro and other "revolutionary" leaders and topple the government.

You can find more references to all the accusations and the lack of proofs here.

The Chavista government has been illegally tapping private conversations. We know the extreme left will say "so does the NSA" but then 1) that doesn't make it more legal, 2) the Chavista government routinely uses that information to cajole people on national TV, to threaten them, to abuse them publicly. They show real and fake information they claim to have intercepted from specific opposition politicians and they make serious accusations about these persons...and these persons can do nothing for the Judiciary System is a joke.

Of course, now the general prosecutor is saying, retroactively, that the security forces have had a permission to wire-tap the opposition since March...but then the wire-tapping has been going on for years now.

Imagine the second most important guy from Obama's or Merkel's government had a special weekly programme on public TV in the USA or in Germany where he or she shows real or fabricated conversations illegally wiretapped from the opposition. Imagine said guy accuses these opposition politicians of planning a coup, of being thieves, etc. 

Imagine the Judiciary System is basically totally made up of people the executive has chosen and most of the key elements are directly connected to the ideology of the people in power.

And this, in Venezuela, is what the Carter Centre and many other useful idiots call a democracy.

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  1. I suspect the Cubans are allowing their Venezuelans to put on the show to remind the Venezuelan people they are under the watchful eye of big brother SEBIN or G2 or whatever you wish to call it.

    The creeps who monitor the Venezuelans (and probably us as well) do target anybody who opposes the regime if they think they can be a threat. The NSA may be grabbing what we write, but they don´t dare using in political shenanigans in the US. On the other hand the Venezuelan regime sure seems wiretap and use it at will.

    And what makes their crimes even more serious is the way they reveal in public what they do.

    This means anybody who travels to Venezuela or lives there, or in any other country with an autocratic satrapy, dictatorship or whatever you wish to call it had better watch their fingers and their mouth, and keep under the radar.


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