Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Priorities of "socialist" Venezuela (corrected)

The Maduro government has approved 43 million bolívares - over 5 million euros* - to finance a soap opera that will portray Venezuela's war of Independence. Of course, we can expect the story to follow the usual myths the Venezuelan military and pseudo-historians have fed us with since that war ended.
No money for blood test but plenty of money for military soap opera crap

At the same time you will find out poor Venezuelan patients have to pay on average around €116 in stuff like blood tests and others in our "free" health system. When I was a child - before Chávez came to power - that was much less likely.

* OK, I stand corrected by 1000. It didn't make sense otherwise. Thanks to LemmyCaution.


  1. 43 millons for the Soap opera, 140 billions for aditional credits.
    "El Ministerio de la Cultura recibirá 43 millones de bolívares para la segunda temporada de La Precursora,"
    I think they got the title wrong.
    "Este monto equivale a 25% del presupuesto aprobado para este año y se ha destinado a cubrir deficiencias presupuestarias, inversiones no planificadas y compras directas del Estado en materia de alimentos, medicamentos e insumos para industrias básicas."
    Government spending +25% over budget.

    1. You are right, LemmyCaution.
      +25% over budget is quite some money. Where will they get that from? We don't know what's in FONDEN, in other funds, but as Miguel has said, it's bound to be less than what one should expect. Hard times ahead.

    2. amerika21 talks about another 2 billon dollar from Rosneft.
      But that shouldn't be at their disposal immediately.
      If I remember right, they always announce high extra budget in summer. This could be lower than in previous years. Maybe Miguel will write about it, though its more of the 'dog bites man' kind of news.

    3. Thanks, Lemmy. I had heard about that visit to Russia. Also the puppet minister of Defence was there (I believe she was put as minister as she was docile but not as silly as the previous one, who is now ambassador to Brazilia).
      I suppose they will in turn also buy some more weapons as well...all as loans.

      We have already a debt of much more than 4 billion on Russian weapons alone. The 2 billion will go for maintenance of some oil stuff...we are really "raspando olla"

  2. Lemmy,
    Here more information on the deal:


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