Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Have you had any contact with a Venezuelan embassy in Europe in the last couple of years?

If so, I would like to hear from you. Have you found the information you wanted? Have you been treated well? Did you find an employee who speaks your language if that language is not Spanish? If you have a picture of any of the Venezuelan embassies or consulates in Europe, I would be thankful if you could send them to me.

I will be producing a post on Venezuelan embassies soon.


  1. At least in Germany, the ambassadors of all Socialismo 21 were leaders of left wing students organizations. As far as I understood the current venezuelan ambassador in Germany studied looong time medicine somewhere in the western part of Venezuela. I've got a similar notion from the Bolivian ambassador to Germany, too, though she's quite young. At least she tries to speak german. The venezuelan ambassador to Germany doesn't bother. The Ambassador of Ecuador studied for about 14 years or more Electrical Engineering or some such in Germany. At least his german and knowledge how to address people here is good.

    Of course its not Socialismo 21 but bad Latin American habit to abstain from a career path with a hard training process with even tougher entrance examination for the job of a Ambassador, but distribute those for political merit. Chilean center right populist Parisis proposed to change that during his presidential campaign.

    1. LemmyCaution,

      Thanks for your input about the situation in Germany. I got a similar feedback from several Venezuelans on the Facebook page of Venezuelans in Berlin. It is good to see the confirmation from a native speaker. It is also interesting to see the comparison to other South American countries.

      I think not only Latin American countries give positions for ambassador based on politics, even if in our region things are worse and under Chavismo in Venezuela politics is the only important criterion for all employees.

      Look at the US embassy in Japan: the ambassador is now J F Kennedy's daughter, placed there by Obama's suggestion. Of course, the US can afford to employ several highly qualified diplomats who speak Japanese and help Kennedy. A poor country like Venezuela, even a developing country, should be more careful to select its ambassador.

      And it seems the situation in other countries is even worse. Curiously, right now there are several embassies in Europe without an ambassador. It seems there is quite some disarray there. But I will come to this in my post. Wait for it.

  2. Hola.
    Das Konsulat in Hamburg habe ich mehrmals mit meiner venezolanischen Frau aufgesucht. Alle Personen waren immer sehr freundlich, hilfsbereit und sehr freundschaftlich, so wie ich die Venezolaner kenne.


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