Thursday, 1 May 2014

The military, coups and Maduro's attention needs (updated)

Maduro announced some weeks ago three generals from the Air Forces had been detained for planning a coup. You can see the list of all generals is easy to see how they might have been connected to quite a few of others out there. This is curious as the regime has been carrying out silent but clear purges since 2002. The diseased caudillo annointed virtually every higher rank official in Venezuela. And on 30 April Maduro announced he would tell Venezuelans on 2 May about a full list of people who have been detained in connection with this alleged new coup.  

The military - with that I mean mostly the officials - have largely benefitted from Chavismo. The higher they go in the ranks, the more likely you will see them involved with business deals for the import of weapons (Venezuela spends more on arms imports than Brazil), in all kinds of state projects. All of the key ministers of Maduro but one (PDVSA-energy) are military. A lot of the state governors are former coup mongers who helped Chávez during his bloody coup attempt or the coup attempt that came afterwards by Chávez's pals the same year of 1992.

Now the three main generals are

  • José Daniel Machillanda Díaz, born in 1966. This guy was responsible for the import of simulation systems for Defence at his position in VEXIMCA, a business created by the military for dealing with weapons imports.
  • Oswaldo Hernández Sánchez, born in 1961, was responsible for dealing with the finances for some military projects as stated in the resolution 15230 here.
  • Carlos Alberto Millán Yaguaracuto, born in  1961. He was involved in a trial some years ago. He didn't have a good reputation

All three military were made general in 2010. They were active in Aragua state.

We know Madurismo and before that Chavismo have made a tradition of announcing "magnicidios", attempts to assassinate the president. No proofs have come out of this. Still, if Maduro and his thugs are telling us there are  more and more people detained within the military for allegedly concocting a coup, things can't be that good for officialdom.

And Venezuela hasn't been officially declared in recession, even if we know we are just there.

Update: and yesterday the former coupster Rodríguez Torres accused several opposition politicians and students of trying to carry out a coup. Rodríguez Torres was responsible for the murder of several people during the Chávez coup attempt of 1992. He is currently the 13th minister for Interior and Justice Venezuela has seen under Chavismo rule...that is in 15 years.

Expect more repression with the continued decay of the economy.

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