Monday, 12 May 2014

Wie die Regierung Maduros in Österreich schikanieren darf - How the government of Maduro can bully in Austria

Here you can read in German how a Venezuelan immigrant who was protesting in Austria against the Maduro government was sacked from her job as a care giver at a kindergarten because the ambassador of Maduro's government said so. Basically, this lady went to demos to protest against the regime in Venezuela, Maduro's embassy people took pictures of her, wrote to the school and got her expelled.

I wonder what the Austrian ambassador in Venezuela says now.

Ich frage mich, was der österreichische Botschafter in Venezuela nun sagt.


  1. Kepler, besides the letter you sent, is there anything else we can do? A petition? Anything?

    Looking forward to see the responde, if there's any.

    1. Juan, I want to get more information from Venezuelans in Austria and from the Austrian embassy. I do hope they answer soon. I'll let you know, thanks.

  2. Die Kommentarsektion zu dem Artikel ist sehr interessant:


    1. Danke, Hans. Ich habe in einem neuen Post das auf Englisch geschrieben, was ich im Internet über diesen Militär herausfinden konnte. Ich bin mal gespannt, was die Österreicher noch dazu sagen.


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