Monday, 5 May 2014

Venezuelans and Britain: another "revolutionary" achievement

As a sign of Venezuela's involution, as from today Venezuelan tourists will require a visa to enter the United Kingdom.
For how long without a visa?

Venezuelans still can travel without a visa through the Schengen zone but, I wouldn't be surprised if that changes soon as well. Meanwhile, our Colombian and Peruvian neighbours, who needed a Schengen visa, will now be able to  travel from Portugal to Finland without it.

Thus: Colombians and Peruvians, without the incredible oil reservoirs Venezuela has, have now obtained a new level of recognition whereas Venezuelans are losing theirs even further.


Yesterday the dead caudillo's son-in-law and current vice-president declared the Venezuelan military can violate the constitution and take an ideological stance. The head of the Mesa de la Unidad are at a loss: they don't realise a "dialogue" with a regime of criminals is only worth pursuing if it is carried out as an open, live debate, not behind closed doors as it is now, after the first and only live encounter.

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