Monday, 12 May 2014

How many tomatoes can a Venezuelan buy?

The price of 1 kg of tomatoes in Venezuela is right now about 40 to 50 Bs. Some friends of mine could only find them at 50 and they do not live in a posh but a poor, rural area. Let's say it's "only" 40. A school teacher with 10 years of experience earns about 5385 Bs. That means that she would be able to buy 134.6 tomatoes with her whole monthly salary. 40 Bs is officially around €4.6. We know the black market is another story, but anyway: tomatoes grow in Venezuela much faster than apples in Germany and there can be several crops in one year in our sub-tropical country. This is not "winter time" or anything in Venezuela.

1 kg of tomatoes in Chile costs around 850 pesos. A teacher with the same experience as the Venezuelan I mentioned earlier would earn at least 600.000 pesos. He would be able, thus, to buy 705.8 tomatoes with his salary.

You get a feeling about how Venezuela's economy is collapsing. We used to have a higher standard of living as Chileans.

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