Thursday, 10 February 2011

Business as usual from Venezuela's military regime

Apure, in the Llanos, where the top of the military junta comes from

Yesterday the national government announced the governor of Apure, military and former coup monger, Jesús Aguilarte Gámez, was stepping down "for health reasons". Yeah, sure, once again another bites the dust.

Hugo the First said two weeks ago, after vaguely mentioning open quarrels between Jesús Aguilarte and other politicos in Apures, that Jesús Aguilarte had to step down. There were rumours about too much corruption (which Hugo the First did not mention).

The Apure government now appointed another Llanos military honcho, Ramón Carrizales, as the new satrap. Carrizales has previously been, among other things, chair of a Transport Fund (2000-2004), minister of Infrastructure (2004-2006), minister of Housing (2007-2008) and Minister of Defence (2009).

This is the way the pseudo-revolution works: improvization, the military are the ones really in control of everything, Hugo constantly changes one functionary for the other. If one who has fallen out of grace remains faithful to the junta, he may be rewarded with a new job after a year or two. If one decides to criticize the Fat Man in the Palace, one can be sure to be prosecuted right away. As we say in Venezuela: as they all have straw asses, they all know they can be badly burnt.

Here I give you an updated Chavista Fauna mind map.

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