Wednesday, 23 February 2011

And Venezuela's military junta keeps supporting Gaddafi

Just read the state (i.e. Chávez) Agencia Bolivarian de Venezuela news:

Al Gaddafi: USA wants to do the same thing in Libya as in Iraq.
Al Gaddafi: Foreign Powers are behind protests in Libya
Libyan president invited media to tell the truth
Special UN session to discuss situation in Libya
Fidel Castro warns about inminent plan to invade Libya

And funnily the ABV site also has stuff like

Budget cuts trigger massive protests in the United States.

I used to read Soviet Pravda and Izvestia as a child as those were some of the few means I had in pre-Internet Venezuela for "contemporary" Russian. I think I never saw such a biased reporting in the Soviets' blatant propaganda papers as in Venezuela's state media and that says a lot.

The funny thing: Venezuela's "Information Ministry" claims they had no sources in Libya, but they do not use Al Jazeera sources here, which they were using -albeit selectively- for Egypt. And the Venezuelan government does not seem to have an idea about what Amnesty International has been saying for decades about the situation in Libya.

I know there are double standards everywhere, I know and I have openly rejected the hypocritical attitude everybody has carried out with Libya, but here we are talking about a new level. Daniel wrote some interesting thoughts about why Gaddafi is so desperate.

By the way: here from 3:32 and for a few seconds you will see Gaddafi's closest friends. Chávez is second to the right. That was during the one-week celebration of Gaddafi's 40 years in power.

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