Saturday, 19 February 2011

Why the US does not learn

2006, since then many thousands have arrived to occupy more Palestinian land.

Israeli troops occupied Palestinian land in the 1967 war. According to international law, you cannot longer annex land just by winning wars, whether the others started the war or you did it. Still, the government of Israel does not care for international law. It uses a conservative interpretation of parts of the Old Testament - parts written over 600 years B.C. whereby the whole of "Judea and Samaria" belong to the Jews. And apparently, the guys now coming in from Minsk and New York, Paris and Tel Aviv are more "Jewish" than most Arab speaking people who have been living in the West Jordan not for 100, 200, 400, or 1500 years, but who are mostly the descendants of the original inhabitants of that land.

60% of US population's think evolution is not true or are not sure, more than anywhere else in the Western World. A lot of the others do not believe that anymore, but are highly influenced by tradition and lobbyist groups. That influence has greatly increased since the sixties.

And that is what makes the US government now vetoed a United Nations resolution condemning the Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian land.

Genetically speaking I am probably more Jewish than the average Ari Beckstein occupying Ali Samir's land. I wonder: does religion trumps international law now? When? With what religion? Or what other base is there for such settlements then?

I did not have much hope about Obama with regards to the Middle East, but this is really very disappointing.

I try to analyze the biographis of "US intelligence specialists" and try to picture their knowledge about the region.

It is not good, but I am sure Islamic fundamentalists will profit a lot from US's incapacity to see the Middle East story is not about interpreting the Old Testament.

No country and no ethnic group is above international law. Not a single one.

Here more news in Al Jazeera
And here from my dear friends from Fox News


  1. Anyone believing in an 2000+ year old fairy tale should stay out of politics. For the benefit of all.

  2. I am Christian and I think people can have the believes they long as those beliefs do not go against the rights and freedoms of others and make them believe they have special rights that other humans do not have. One's personal religious beliefs can shape one's ethical principles but do not justify illegal settlements, ethnic cleansing or violation of the most basic international law or just mobbing.

  3. One problem I have noticed when I talking to religious people (the few here that are very religious) is that when you ask them the simple question. "What is highest the laws of Sweden or the laws of the Koran/Bible etc?" ...

    Answer will always be laws of the Koran/Bible.. And there are quiet a few that goes against the laws of Sweden.

    Of course this is probably only a small percentage of the religious population.. But apply that to a country like the US and I think that percentage would rise very rapidly.

    In my opinion politicians should be as secular as possible.

  4. I fully agree. Religion is a personal thing and you should do politics based on common sense, human - universal - rights and international law.
    Unfortunately, loads of people in many countries think otherwise.
    It becomes dangerous when they then try to modify borders based on their interpretation of religious books - one way or the other. The right in Israel claims they "own" what they called Judea and Samaria. Why? Because they are Jews. Who is a Jew? And where is that written?
    But it turns out most Arabs living in those places now were not Arabs before but Jews and before Cananites and only few arrived with the Islam expansion. And anyway: how can you expel people who have been living in a place for several centuries?

    Take a look at the religious backgrounds of such guys as Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush and a lot of the US top generals.


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