Thursday, 3 February 2011

Mapping the mood in the capital

Here you have two maps showing the way Caracas people voted last September for the parliament. One dot represents 1000 votes. In the first picture you have green dots representing the votes for the military, pseudo-socialist party, PSUV. In the second picture you see blue dots representing the votes for the Mesa de la Unidad. I did not show the votes for PPT, which is also now against the military regime, nor votes for other minor parties, as they represent less than 1% of votes.

Western Caracas tends to have poorer and Eastern Caracas the poshest areas. Still, there is everything on both sides.

As you can see, the West is no longer a bastion of the military. Still, the democratic forces have to work more to penetrate in every street of the area. The military and left extremists will do anything to prevent this. They are experts in infiltration, sabotage and violence in general.

Democratic forces need to be prepared. Democratic forces need to promote pluralism and openness.

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