Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Imagine the BBC

Imagine the BBC would broadcast only information that pleases the Tory party, pure propaganda. Imagine it would broadcast day after day the view of national issues only according to David Cameron's taste. Imagine the BBC site had several links to such things as "Cameron's Thoughts" but not a single one to the sites of opposition parties. Imagine it would only broadcast what the friends of Cameron's government abroad say.

Imagine the BBC had special programmes to ridicule the opposition parties' work at the British parliament. Imagine you could download videos from BBC where supporters of opposition parties were portrayed as selfish idiots and as criminals, but Tory's politicians would be portrayed as heroes. Think for a moment the BBC did not allow the opposition to give their opinion and only selected parts of their speeches were shown. Think for a m oment the BBC would show only once, some sort of TV Potemkin village: an interview with a couple of opposition politicians. Imagine the interviewer tried to grill those politicians while being very nice to politicians of the government's party.

Try so think how it would be if the BBC were the only one to have access to the discussions in the British Parliament and only the parts the BBC wants could be seen.

Picture how it would be if less than 30% of the UK's population could watch any other TV channel than the BBC channels. Imagine Internet coverage were 30%. Try to think what the implications would be if most people in Perth, in York, in most towns in Wales and in Scotland and in the Middlands only had BBC channels or other channels showing sports or films but no criticism towards the government.

That would be shocking, wouldn't it?

Well: that's Venezuela. Why doesn't BBC correspondent in Venezuela inform about that ?
Perhaps he doesn't know. Perhaps he thinks Venezuela's media is what he sees from his street in Caracas, perhaps he thinks everyone can watch Globovision in Venezuela and most can buy El Universal.

If you have a minute, here you can see the Venezolana de Televisión site.


  1. Excellent article Kepler,

    It is only a red taste what the people of Venezuela is seeing.
    With the new regulation for the media (the ¨forbidden¨ freedom of publishing as the way it is) it would be worse and worse and only propaganda for this regime.


  2. Thanks, Alpha. Let's see. We should remember not to take knowledge about Venezuela, specially outside Caracas, for granted among foreign observers.


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