Thursday, 17 February 2011

Can someone ask Venezuela's autocrat something?

Corruption map

Venezuela's autocrat twitted the following:

"Of course, the squalid ones want a military like those at Altamira square. Long live the Bolivarian Army".

"Squalid" is the way the military regime and its followers refer to the opposition. He was referring to the deputies' rejection of military honcho Silva, who was going to talk to Parliament even if he had previously declared the military would not recognise a victory by the opposition in 2012. The military who were at the Altamira Square were some military who protested against Chávez.

The autocrat also wrote:

"Those gentlemen from the extreme right would like to have military like those at Altamira square. They won't come back!"

Questions: if we are the "extreme right", who is the "moderate right"? who is the "moderate left"? who is the "extreme left"? Is that other military coupster, Jesse Chacón, part of the moderate right, the moderate left or the extreme left? Jesse Chacón, mind, is the brother of yet another military, Arné Chacón, a guy who is in jail -at least that's what we were told and we hope he is there- for stealing hundreds of millions of dollars. Almost all Venezuelans knew for years about Arné Chacón's incredible fortune but for his brother, Jesse, who said he did not have anything to do with it.

Is Diosdado Cabello, another notorious Boliburgués, part of the extreme left, the moderate left, the moderate right or what?

And what about Hugo Chávez's clan itself? What about the Adrubal Chávez, Hugo's cousin, who was vice-president for PDVAL but was not made responsible for the Pudreval scandal? Is he also part of the extreme left, moderate left, moderate right?

Roberto Weil, one of the best cartoonists in Venezuela now

In this cartoon, the military caudillo says "Take and eat". It's rotten food, like the one
the boliburgueses were selling to the people last year.

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