Monday, 7 February 2011

Venezuela imports from

Last year's Central Bank report about Venezuela's economy in 2009,shows most imports came from the USA, followed by Colombia and China. Very funny: the reports writes "Popular Republic of China includes province of Macao, Continental China, China Taiwan and Hongkong" - just in case the new Empire is reading-.

What does Venezuela import? Everything. Some of the main areas are: devices for telephony (read: BlackBerrys and others), "other kinds of machinery and pieces", pharmaceutical products, basic chemical products, medical products. There is also the rest post for others, which is unusually huge and shows the level of "transparency" in Venezuela: 17.84 billion dollars from the 37.15 Venezuela imported are classified as others. That is no detail for 48% of total imports. I reckon weapons are in that part as well as goodies for the Boliburguesía other than SUVs.

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