Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Yellow-orange and greenish bird


The violaceous trogon is a bird that can be generally found in humid forests and also in bush areas of Northern South America and part of Central America. It is a sort of lazy fellow. It can fly very fast but it does only when strictly necessary.

Setty sent an amazing picture of a trogon. Take a look! (click on the red bird)


  1. A friend and I saw a trogon one day in El Hatillo, on the southeast outskirts of Caracas. It was incredible, as the black and white swirls on the wing coverlets looked like isolines on a map. It was just sitting on the ground by the road to Turgua, doing nothing much. We thought it might be hurt so we tossed it a bit of bread, but it flew up into a tree and sang to us. It was one of the prettiest and friendliest birds I've ever met.

    A decent picture of one:

  2. Thanks! Beautiful picture. I added it as a link.


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