Friday, 17 September 2010

Too much democracy and the women for Chávez

The military president of Venezuela declared yesterday evening on an event televised by the national TV that "he is already in pre-campaign mode for the 2012 elections". He said in Venezuela there was "too much democracy" and that previously there were elections every four years and now we have elections every year. Although the law prohibits the use of state resources for electoral purposes, the Llanero honcho went on ranting about the opposition and declared only a victory of the PSUV would "guarantee the success of socialist changes". He went on ranting against the "fatherland's traitors" for a while. The Electoral Council - CNE - largely made up of Chávez's puppets - doesn't do anything about this. Let's remember the previous head of the CNE became vice-president and is now the pro-Chávez mayor of a key municipality of Caracas.

The military president used the Teresa Carreño theatre for this event. I wonder who pays for the expenses there. He swore in over 3000 women-guardians of Chávez (guardianas de Chávez). At the same time, without even blinking, Chávez said he was against personality cults. He addressed them, humbly stating that "you, more than women-guardians of Chávez - something I accept - must, more importantly, become keen guardians of the socialist revolution, of the revolution and fatherland".

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