Sunday, 12 September 2010

Links that matter: Chavismo unplugged


Here you have an update of the Chávez mindmap. If you think I missed someone, let me know. If you check out Hugo's twitter account, @chavezcandanga, you will see Hugo only follows 3 politicians: Fidel Castro, Diosdado Cabello and El Aissami, whereas all Venezuelan red-shirted honchos follow Chávez. El Aissami seems to be the guy the "doer" within Chavismo: he has to get back to people when it comes to sending them medicine, checking out the construction of a bridge or finding out why a cooperative is in chaos. Diosdado seems to be still mobilizing more strings than some people think...very silently. And Fidel is Fidel, Hugo's ultimate mentor.

Thanks to Setty for the correction

Chávez and the Jacket

If you pay attention, you may have noticed Chávez hasn't taken off his yellow-blue-red jacket for weeks now. Why? Because he tries to identify himself as the President for Everybody. He wants to tell you that in spite of him being a Marxist, a Maoist, a Trotskist, he is NOT a communist. He needs to tell people HE is Venezuela.

If he feels happy after 26 September, he will wear a green soldier shirt the first time he goes public again and after that he will go back to red and red-military green.

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