Sunday, 26 September 2010

Voté en Europa por Venezuela. ¿Y tú?

From Caracas I get these pictures

What have I heard?

  • The military regime is using hundreds of brand-new jeeps it kept at the huge CORPOVEN oil facilities in Yagua, Carabobo, to transport Chavez supporters to the voting stations. If they are so new that only means they have stolen or let to rot the many thousands they bought for the previous elections.

  • The CNE changed the position of candidates in several areas to the confusion of people.
  • Soldiers went to the Simón Bolívar University and detained three students working to process complains about the elections. The soldiers took away the students' computers as well. The students were released after some hours. Someone out there paying attention?
  • Soldiers killed a person in Guarenas, Miranda (soldiers said he was throwing stones at them and a friend of the victim says they had detained him while he was sent to fetch cigarettes for them and when he returned he found the dying man.
  • Chávez bikers have been continuing campaign in front of everybody and the pro-Chávez Electoral Commission ignores everything as usual.
  • Sevral voting machines are having problems all around Venezuela. People have to wait sometimes over one hour.
  • Chiguire Bipolar was hacked.
  • Chávez's thugs attacked several journalists in Anzoátegui (there are several other reports like this)


Der Spiegel berichtet über Venezuela. Es ist im grossen und ganzen ein genauer Text, auch wenn einige Fehler einschlüpft sind. Es ist nicht die Armee, die die Venezolaner mit einem Trompetenaufruf zur Wahl auffordert, sondern die Chávez-Sturmtruppen und Chávez-Angestellte. Die Armee ist aber schon nichts mehr als eine Institution zum Dienst des Caudillo seiner Militärbonzen geworden.

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