Thursday, 9 September 2010

Bonaire fire

Our correspondent in Bonaire sends us some impressive images of the fire at the Bonaire Petroleum Corporation, an oil refinery company 100% owned by Venezuelan state corporation PDVSA. Just go here to take a look at the air pictures. PDVSA says the fire is consequence of a storm and the lightning that came with it. Two oil tanks were affected. One of them had about 200 thousand oil barrels when it caught fire. The people in the island say PDVSA security measures are less strict than what any Pedro Pérez has in a normal house in Bonaire.

According to the local chismes, Bonaire authorities asked the Dutch military forces to help in putting down the fire, but the Venezuelan embassy was not amused about it. Let's hope this fire can be rapidly controlled. Otherwise, they will have to rename the island as Malaire.

PDVSA ahora es toda roja-rojita

Thanks, B.


  1. What?
    So the opposition is not only sabotaging the Electric System in Hugoslavia, but also burning down plants in Bonaire?
    And then you skeptics laugh when we point out the Bloomberg Group-IMF-Free Masons-Bankers of the World conspiracy against Venezuela.
    Beware people, they are EVERYWHERE.

  2. Vicente, don't come and make jokes with me. I know you are being ironic. You saw very well how Jason Bourne entered into that Swiss bank. You saw it with your own eyes. You saw how he managed to get all the way back to the USA. Don't you think a Primero de Justicia commando would not do that, specially with Dutch intelligence to support them? Look at the air pictures: a rubber boat and some well-trained climbers is all you need.
    More to come.


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