Friday, 10 September 2010

Bonaire fire continued

Our Bonaire person sent now an article from a local newspaper (in Dutch). I give you the main ideas here:

  • there was a small explosion in first of the two burning tanks. The emergency team decided to let it burn out in a controlled way.
  • everybody but the firemen were evacuated, so the oil refinery is just paralyzed.
  • there was a press conference with people from the Public Ministry and the firemen, but the rojo-rojitos from Bopec were not there because they were busy putting down the fire or something. Don't ask me! That's what they said.
  • they had to ask for the help of the Dutch after all because Bopec did not have enough anti-fire foam or power to blow it to the right places. Neither did the firemen of Bonaire. The local government had to ask this boat from the Dutch army to come from neighbouring Curacao.

They started to investigate the whole incident. Above all, they wonder why there was no capacity in place to control it and why, if it was a lightning, there was fire in two non consecutive tanks.

Last Sunday there had been another incident when heavy rain caused a big oil leak to get to the sea.

There is a national part nearby, the Sinapa Washington National Park.

Remember we have the Maracaibo "issue" some weeks ago. I want Mr Rojo-Rojito to explain a thing or two. Perhaps he will suggest it was someone like this who got into an inflatable boat at Kralendijk, roared up to the Bopec facilities, went through security fences undetected, climbed onto both tanks and placed two time bombs on top before disappearing in the middle of the night. You know how we, non-supporters of the regime, are.

Thanks, B.

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