Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Death and Venezuela's military regime

Head of the current Parliament, Cilia Flores, said the opposition shows "necrophilia" with the way it talks about the horrible murder rate in Venezuela. At the same time, the military regime decided to exhume the bodies of Bolívar's sisters in order to prove the bones they exhumed some weeks earlier were really those of Bolívar. One of the obsessions lieutenant-colonel Chávez has is to prove Bolívar was murdered by US Americans in collusion with the Colombians.

As I wrote in Spanish a few weeks ago, the Bolívar Bone Project, as I call it, is part of the circus the regime has to motivate people. Romans had panem et circenses, Spaniards have pan y toros and Venezuelans arepa and Bolívar. My predictions are becoming true, even if two weeks later: the regime announced "important findings" (without declaring what) and the regime has now exhumed the women's skeletons. I am sure before 26 September it is likely to announce "something". The regime probably does not know what it will announce, but it will be something, anything that could put it as being good to the mythical figure of Bolívar. Meanwhile, over 95% of murders happening in Venezuela remain unpunished.

Yesterday, Brito García, a man who was on hunger strike protesting against the way the regime had violated his rights, died.

One day justice will be made.


  1. This is very exciting news!
    Maybe we'll find out if Bolivar was Team Jacob or Team Edward.
    Can't wait.
    That'll set Venezuela on the right path, for sure.

  2. :-)

    Oh, Geez! I just don't want him to have my haplogroup!


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