Saturday, 21 August 2010

Amazing Venezuela: the most incredible electoral system on Earth. (1)

The maps I present here show municipios with a different colour depending on number of voters. More interestingly, the map above shows as red dots those voting units where Chávez's 2009 referendum -the one where he managed to pass what was rejected in 2007- got a 100% approval. On average 111 voters said YES and not one said no, according to the data from the National Electoral Council.

Most of them are in areas with native American population (which makes less than 2% of Venezuela's population) and all in schools where the opposition had no witness.

On the map below you will see in big yellow dots all the voting units where the NO vote got 100% of approval.

OK, look no more. There is not a single yellow dot. Even in the most anti-Chávez places you have at least 2% of votes for SÍ.

Strange, isn't it?

These are not the only weird things. As I posted earlier, you have things like a voting unit where over 522 persons voted yes, 1 voted no, everybody went to vote and there was a voter who -with 137 years of age- is the oldest person on Earth by far. In many voting centres, the presence of opposition witnesses correlated to at least 10% more votes for the NO.

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