Friday, 20 August 2010

If you are a Venezuelan living abroad, you are not Venezuelan...and more

Juan posted about a brilliant video by rapper Onechot that talks about violence in Venezuela, the country with the by far highest murder rate in South America and one of the worst in America, after El Salvador, Honduras and Jamaica.

Now Tania Díaz in her programme on the state TV declared the Chávez government is opening an investigation about that video for its "sensationalistic character". One of the things that caught my attention was when she said Onechot is "a rapper claiming to be Venezuelan but living in Spain". I reckon that is the reason why the Venezuelan military government does not count our votes abroad. Since 2007 the CNE does not publish the results (even if we do have the actas) of votes abroad as Maduro wants to say "over half of all Venezuelans living abroad signed a petition supporting Chávez".

Díaz, Chávez aparatchik at the VTV state TV.

What should we do? I am sending this information - again - to the OAS and EU.

I ask all Venezuelans abroad to put pressure on the Venezuelan regime so that the CNE publishes the result of our votes from 2007 onwards. They must do that by law, whether officers are elected and referendums approved or rejected.


  1. While we're at it, Kepler, let's insist on the still pending elections from 2009. The Governor of Amazonas, plus several mayors and most local councils (junta parroquiales) are about 1 year overdue. Looks like the CNE wants to add another year to their terms by postponing the elections yet again.

    This has all been done extra-constitutionally, and is illegal as hell. No one, it seems has been able to do more than point this out with no reply from CNE.

    Some democracy!

  2. That would be interesting as well. I would focus on the votes abroad because we can get some attention on that very easily...if just several of us in several countries start to push for it.

    I wonder why Chavistas are so fearful of finally accepting elections in Amazonas. Are they so overstretched?

  3. It's more than the Amazonas governorship.

    Remember, it's most Juntas Parroquiales and many Alcaldias in small to medium sized places.

    Many of these are in Chavista hands too, and the fear is the loss of those places at the level closest in effect to the people.

    The aim is to set up the Comunas and Consejos Comunales combined with all the laws they've passed lately. Without the local politics in hand, they'll have a harder time implementing.

  4. I know it is more than governor. Do you mean the comunas and consejos would be set up at a different, more radical level firstly there?

    I doubt that is the reason, but I don't know much of what is happening in Amazonas lately. What I do know is that if the opposition cared, we could gain ground there more easily than in many places...go tell that to Borges and Machado and so many more.

  5. Sorry for the delay, Kepler.

    Yes, the rabidly chavista towns and municipalities would be first, and I mean at the National level not just Amazonas.

    The intention is to completely substitute local government as is now with the comunas and consejos comunales. GIven that unless you are registered as a PSUV partisan you will not be able to register a comuna, people who wish to are faced with no good choices, join or sink.

  6. I agree fully they will use the councils (soviety in Russian) to get rid of any rest of democracy.
    What I don't understand yet is why they are putting off the Amazonas elections. Is that just because they think it is a waste of time as the governors and mayors won't have any power left (not that they have much now)?
    I don't know.


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