Monday, 31 March 2014

Venezuelan ministries - a glimpse (I)

Here you have a glimpse of the thirty-two ministers in Venezuela under Madurism. In dark green, ministers who were military coup mongers in 1992. In light green there is a minister who is the son of such a military. The age field is in red if the minister is a woman. There are really strange ministries. Ernesto Villegas Poljak, for instance, has the ministry for the Revolutionary Transformation of Caracas. In reality that ministry is just a parallel government to deviate the money that should go to the Mayor of Caracas, who is an opposition politician. The strange thing: Villegas is lefty because his parents were communists...communists who were jailed by Pérez Jiménez, a right-winged military Hugo Chávez admired a lot.

As you see, Chavistas feel the need to have separate ministries for air and water transportation and for land transportation or for electricity or for jails. When Chávez came to power he said he would reduce ministries to fight inefficiency and bureaucracy but what he did was to triple their number. Maduro has continued that tradition. At the end this group will say XXI Century "Socialism" came down because of bureaucracy, "a problem of capitalism". That's the way the extreme left react.

Name Ministry Age
Yván Eduardo Gil Pinto Agriculture 41
Reinaldo Antonio Iturriza López Communes & social protection 40
Delcy Eloina Rodríguez Gómez Communication & information 44
Fidel Barbarito Culture 40
Carmen Teresa (Meléndez) Rivas Defence 52
Rodolfo Clemente Marco Torres Economy, finance & public banking 47
Héctor Rodríguez Castro Education 32
Ricardo Menéndez Prieto Education – university 44
Jesse Alonso Chacón Escamillo Electricity 48
Miguel Leonardo Tadeo Rodríguez Environment 52
Félix Ramón Osorio Guzmán Food 44
Elías José Jaua Milano Foreign affairs 44
Francisco Alejandro Armada Pérez Health              48??
Ricardo Antonio Molina Peñaloza Housing & urbanism 53
José David Cabello Industries 44
Miguel Rodríguez Torres Interior, Justice & Peace 50
Jesús Rafael Martínez Barrios Labour 69
Aloha Joselyn Gutiérrez Núñez Native American affairs 30
Rafael Darío Ramírez Carreño Oil and mining 50
María Iris Varela Rangel Penitentiary 47
Jorge Antonio Giordani Cordero Planning 73
Hugo César Cabezas Bracamonte Presidency & follow up 41
Ernesto Emilio Villegas Poljak Revolutionary Transformation of Caracas 43
Manuel Ángel Fernández Meléndez Science, technology & innovation 47
Antonio Enrique Álvarez Cisneros Sports 37
Andrés Guillermo Izarra García Tourism 44
Dante Rafael Rivas Quijada Trade 39
Haiman Douwara El Troudi Transportation – land 43
Hébert Josué García Plaza Transportation – water air 52
Andreína Tarazón Bolívar Women and Gender Equality 26
Victor José Clark Boscán Youth 31

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