Thursday, 27 March 2014

Venezuela's pseudo-revolution and the thing with the crosswords

The obstreperous minister of Information, Delcy Eloína Rodríguez Gómez, just said the government is investigating a newspaper from the central region of Aragua for sending by means of its crosswords secret messages to prepare for a coup. Ms Rodríguez is the sister of Jorge Rodríguez, a radical leftist who was head of the National Electoral Council and who is now mayor of Western Caracas. There you have nepotism and lack of separation of powers in one sentence.

Could be any of our many "revolutionary" ministers

This is not the first time the regime declared it discovered some conspiracy encoded in crosswords of a Venezuela newspaper. Back in 2012, Pirela Pérez, a "philosopher" with a TV programme on the national television, said the Venezuelan "intelligence" had decode a secret message on a crossword. The guy didn't even know Rabat is not a Jewish Holiday but a city in Morocco.

We thought the satire magazine El Chigüire Bipolar had already settled the issue.

The regime must be really all the economy. I will be writing about the economy this weekend.

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