Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Twitter political circus in Venezuela: an update

Maduro complained a couple of times Twitter is against him. He even denounced there was an obscure campaign against him and that's how he lost 6000 followers on that US social network. 

His predecessor, Chávez, had elevated Twitter to one of his contacts with the people. He had a team working to follow up the countless tweets asking for help of any kind - food, medicine, whatever the State couldn't provide but he, the Presidente, could, if they were lucky.

Chávez is now dead and even though Maduro has a vice-minister in charge of "social media", he is badly lagging behind the opposition.

Gone are the days when Maduro would announce he had reached so and so many followers.

Right now Capriles has more Twitter followers than the Comandante Eterno and many more than Maduro. Leopoldo López also beats Maduro very clearly.

Of course, you don't get power with Twitter and Chavistas are - perhaps slightly - less likely to tweet. Still, as we could see from how a serious Russian pollster analysed the data, Twitter does tell us something in Venezuela.

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