Sunday, 7 April 2013

Wasted time

Venezuelan children will lose still more days because of banana republic politics: the military, who are the ones doing the logistics in Venezuela's elections, will take over the schools late 9 April "to prepare everything for the vote". Children will stay at  home on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday. The election day will be on Sunday and the military caste will also need the day after to put things back "as they were". This is in what Jimmy Carter considers "the best voting system on Earth".

Pupils will have lost over 30 days of classes because of elections in October, December and April and last but not least, because of the death of caudillo Hugo Chávez.

Germany it isn't. In fact: Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil, it isn't. It's Congo (Zaire, not the other one).


  1. This is yet another measure of the Regime´s contempt for education. They only care about make believe stats concerning the amount of students registered in such and such programmes or schools, with total disregard for quality of education. So-called universities without libraries or labs. The UCV ag school campus has added an additional semestre of remedial courses for freshmen due to the dismal performance of high school graduates.

  2. Indeed. I keep hearing the stories from different universities...professors spend more time trying to teach students what they should have learnt 10, 5 years...and this is in year 14 of the so-called revolution.


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