Friday, 12 April 2013

Statistics for Chavistas, Attacks against Democracy and the World

The Chavista head of the National Electoral Council just said, apparently with pride, that 99.66% of all polling places have at least 2 poll workers. She didn't say from what party. Also, this means 0.34% of all centres do not even have more than one poll worker. How can this be possible?

In the video you see below, at 1:20, you can listen how the current Defence Minister says the Venezuelan Army must to anything to guarantee Chávez's man, Maduro, gets elected this Sunday.

What is the world going to say about this? It depends on how much money each country wants to make out of a weak Venezuela.


  1. 99.66% + 0.44% = ?

  2. Thanks, corrected! Statistics myself indeed...too late yesterday :-)


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