Sunday, 28 April 2013

How did the Chavista National Electoral Council give the presidency to Maduro?

According the Tibisay Lucena and Chavismo's other mions at the National Electoral Council, national results were like what you see in the first chart. Lucena and her people refuse to audit the paper trail and the registries for proper identification of voters.

Below you see some extremes of what really happened. These are examples of schools where Chavismo got 100% of the votes this time around and there were more than 100 voters in that voting centre. These are "extremes", but the strange behaviour in electorate was massive. And even like that Chavismo hardly managed to fake a 1% difference.


  1. Please check your charts as they appear to be incorrect (2010?)?

  2. Please let me know if I am reading those charts right:

    The 2nd one:
    Regime went from (roughly) 540 votes to 320
    Capriles went from 75 votes to 0.

    The 3rd one:
    Regime went from 180 votes to 200
    Capriles went from 20 to 0



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