Thursday, 20 December 2012

Will they never do it or only too late?

Some foreigners and I keep telling people within Venezuela's opposition that it is about time to start educating the general population about several things:

  • about how Venezuela is NOT a rich but a poor to middle-income country
  • about how Venezuela is becoming more and more dependent on oil
  • about how Venezuela will only become rich when the average citizen has real education levels that are at least as good or better than the average in the world and when that average citizen can be as productive as the average worldwide
  • about how subsidized petrol is money for the rich and how public transportation should be dealt with differently so that people who have cars pay more and state money can be used for better schools, teachers, hospitals
  • about what debates, real debates are
  • about pluralism and the essence of parties, party programmes and the difference between a programme and a wish list
  • about sustainable development in general - at economic, social and environmental level
If you tell people about these things and you create networks of people in the average Venezuelan city - that is NOT Caracas but El Tigre, Guacara, Punto Fijo or Puerto Cabello - debating about these issues, you will see a real revolution taking place.

We have kept telling Venezuelans about these things for years.

Do you know what they keep telling us? "Not now, we have to focus on the next elections, first things first".

They have been telling us that since at least 2005.

Will they never learn there is no chance Chavismo will ever get out of power unless we depend on oil prices dropping dramatically for a couple of years or we do what I have mentioned before?

Here you have a Russian article from 1983. If you don't read Russian, you can try perhaps with Google Translations. It's about  Caracas back then and how the commies were penetrating the barrios. Some of them are now with the military and thus Chávez. Let's be clear: the current system is not socialist, not communist, it's just a more autocratic form of the usual feudal petro-caudillismo we have had. But the ones in power now are using those methods their extreme left supporters were using back then. What do we have against that?

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