Tuesday, 11 December 2012

From the Black Forest...about Maduro

The German regional newspaper Badische Zeitung has a very good article about Nicolás Maduro, the Hugo Chávez's apparent heir - and I want to stress the word apparent -.

They describe there how Maduro was actually not just a bus driver but a body guard to José Vicente Rangel in 1983. They also mentioned how Maduro, in spite of being strict about other deputies who would arrive late at the National Assembly, would tolerate his wife's penchant for nepotism. The Badische Zeitung also mentions how the investigations on corruption were halted.

Sehr gut, Badische Zeitung!

Ps. I also love how Germans get a hold of people's ages: Cilia Flores, the wife and also deputy at the National Assembly, is 9 years his senior.

Ps 2. if you read Spanish, you can also get some biography here . Beware: there is some Venezuelan slang that might be difficult to the non-initiated.

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