Friday, 7 December 2012

Who wants to live forever? (denn die Toten reiten schnell)

Well, obviously Chávez...that's not bad if he didn't want to rule forever. He is back in Venezuela, but as Daniel says, he again chose a very strange hour to come back from his home in Cuba.

What do I think? Whether the  military caudillo is ill or not, he is pulling Venezuelans' legs. He is acting like a drama Queen trying to play on whether he is dead-ill or not in order to excite his fans and let his enemies waste time wondering and not acting.

If we talk about Chávez, we don't talk about the mess he and his big honchos are carrying out. This will go on for months or years unless we simply invest more of our energies into a campaign to educate people about the way Chavistas are plundering the nation.

Another thing I have been thinking lately: couldn't we learn a little about cognitive bias, prospect theory and the evolution of happiness in Venezuela and how our country differs from other places where people do not think they are living in El Dorado?

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