Monday, 10 December 2012

Happy day for the human rights!

Yeah, today is supposed to be the day of the very battered Human Rights.
Here you see the top exporters of weapons: 

by total:

  1.  USA 
  2. Russia 
  3. Germany 
  4. France 
  5. China 
  6. UK 
  7. Sweden 
  8. Italy 
  9. Netherlands 
  10. Israel
Chávez considers Lukashenko and Mugabe democrats, buys more weapons than ever and let Venezuelans die by the thousands out of incompetence, Germany trains Belarussian police officers, Russia does a killing with its AKs, Israel occupies more land in the West Bank, Hamas kills people who think differently.

Don't ever forget to think! If you want more information on human rights in any given place on Earth, take a look here

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