Wednesday, 24 August 2011

When do Venezuelans shag? (updated)

What you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask: in what month do Venezuelans shag the most?

I checked out several municipalities and the pattern wasis absolutely clear or, as Tibisay would say: the trend is irreversible. So, it turns out that Venezuelans shagged the most in January. Or at least Venezuelan women get pregnant more often in January than at any other time of the year. And the moment when less conceptions take place is May.

Updated: this is only valid if you take into account all voters
Birth distribution for Venezuelans in two parishes of Valencia, Carabobo

For more: for those parishes in Valencia and other municipalities
Now, this IS weird. If you try to see how the birth-month distribution per year was, you see a very strange anomaly for the voters in Carabobo born between 1966 and 1974:

Apparently, there were a lot of extra people being born in October in that period.


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  2. A reader (Setty) had problems with the comment section, so he sent me his comment again via email.
    I paste it here. I hope we can find out more...

    "The Venezuelan school year starts in September. Being 4 years old in
    September means getting to delay entry to school another year. This
    can be advantageous to the student in sports and academics, as s/he
    will be among the biggest and most mentally developed students in the
    class, rather than one of the smaller and least developed -- as is the
    case of the people who just barely turn 5 before the school year. In
    places where parents must contribute funds to the education, there is
    also an economic incentive to turning 5 after September.

    I don't know, but it's possible that there was a trend during that
    period for parents to try to fake their kids' births to a later date,
    either by delaying birth registrations or bribing authorities to enter
    false birthdates on birth certificates. It may have gotten so out of
    control that the state cracked down (or started permitting parents to
    delay their kids' entry voluntarily) ending the practice before it
    could affect the statistics for later periods.

    Just a guess...


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