Saturday, 25 June 2011


I have to say this is a little bit weird, but it has to be a coincidence. The following were Chávez supporters. They have died in the last 11 months:

  • Luis Tascón, former Chávez deputy and later rejected by Chávez, died on 12 August 2010 (cancer)

  • William Lara, governor of Guárico, died on 10 September 2010 (car accident, drown in river)
  • Luis Ceballos Lobo, an elected deputy to the Latin American Parliament, died on 11 September 2010
  • Lina Ron, a notorious Chávez supporter and gang leader, died on 5 March 2011 (heart attack or intoxication)


  1. Not to worry, Kepler. This will just give someone the opportunity to move up in the queue and steal on the level that the deceased did. That's what's called the Equal Opportunity Society.

  2. Well, Boludo, I have to say your words offer a new and fascinating view on the matter. I hadn't seen it in that way, but now that you mention it: perhaps that's the only way they show renewal, a little bit like during Soviet times...again, not that there is any ideological cohesion or real content in Chavismo.


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