Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The pathetic "revolution"

Military man Diosdado Cabello, from the Eastern Llanos, is one of the most notorious Chavistas. Even among most Chávez supporters he is profoundly rejected...and yet he is one of the key people keeping up Chávez's regime.

You know this regime has nothing to do with a real revolution and is yet another military dictatorship when you read stuff like his tweets.

"Venezuelan, Bolivarian (only people who have no idea about history can say that), revolutionary and Chavista, on the struggle to build Socialism"

"Today we must be more united than ever around the leadership of our commandant. With Chávez everything, without him nothing".

What does this mean? My bet is he wants to show the main caudillo that he is more loyal than the others, so he needs to get some special goodies for that when Chávez returns to Venezuela.

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