Friday, 23 July 2010

Some are more equal than others

Deputies per 100 000 persons

Venezuela's constitution states very clearly electoral representation should reflect the proportion of the population voting for each group. This is not the case in other countries but in Venezuela the law is clear...the only problem is that the Electoral Commission is just a puppet organisation completely surrogate to the military government.

Here you see how many deputies represent 100 000 inhabitants per state in Venezuela. As you can see, the vote of a citizen in Delta Amacuro is worth several times more than the one in Zulia. The situation is much worse than that. As I wrote in a previous post, the continuous gerrymandering that Lucena and the other CNE employees carry out has lead to a situation where in Carabobo 55% of voters supporting the opposition would lead to 1 out of 7 deputies.

Well, that is how it is and much worse (as the paper ballots often just do not reflect real votes, etc). We have to live with that. The opposition must take very intelligent decisions about where to spread its message now and where to keep an eye on the actas.

Deputies per state (+3 for native Americans)

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