Monday, 12 July 2010

Ideas for Venezuela: keep focus

The military regime keeps throwing red rags around to divert from the real issues Venezuelans are confronting. Chavismo is also doing what it can to intimidate people and this leads to a huge brain drain (German video). Chavismo prefers the brain drain in spite of the huge intelectual losses as it counts on surviving with oil revenues. The regime knows the vast majority of highly skilled professionals do not sympathize with the military regime, so it prefers "difficult people" to leave as they left Belarus. The regime does nothing about crime because it wants people to remain at home and not go and spread the news where no cable and no Internet arrives.

The opposition needs to keep the real issues on focus: yes, violent coup monger Chávez will say anyone criticizing his clan and his government are coup mongers and CIA agents because he is afraid of you thinking too much about the crime, about shortages, about the rotten food and the rampant corruption, about the power the Chávez clan has in Barinas and the Diosdados and other boliburgueses have, about the lack of control.

As historian Manuel Caballero and many others have said, the regime is not really socialist but Chavista. Still, the regime uses the same tactics the Cuban and Soviet regimes previously used: blame it all on foreign forces, accuse those want to have a real democracy of "traitors of the fatherland", pretend to introduce a "participatory democracy" that is nothing but more power to the Party.

I am sure people like Chávez consultant Eva Gollinger will say we are CIA agents by putting a link to this. She can say anything she wants. Venezuela will become a pluralistic country on the road to sustainable development, a country where the military stop for good to interfer in politics and where the murder rate is as low as that of Norway or Chile.

I don't think we need to become Gandhis. But I would suggest any Venezuelan to get a copy of this (ref. for Spanish translation here)

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