Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Venezuelan governors

post-secondary studies of state governors

red: military, coup monger
dark blue: law
cyan: "law" at the Santa María University
grey: education (Barinas: brother of Chávez)
dark brown: medicine
light brown: accounting
pink: psychology or sociology
light green: arts
yellow: economics
white: nothing
greenish blue: engineering

Venezuela's secondary school is one year less than in Europe but standards are on average well below that, specially in public schools. You have to take that into account to comprehend Venezuela. The military have had a stronger influence in Venezuela's politics than anywhere else in South America, the 1958-1998 period being just an interlude. But for the governor of Táchira, they only had military "studies".

Since 2008 Chávez has taken most competences from states and municipalities as a way to emasculate the opposition. Zulia, Carabobo, Táchira and Nueva Esparta have opposition governors. The rest are under total Chavista rule. As you see, a lot of Chavista governors come from the military caste. They are took part in the 1992 coups.

I differentiated between law and law at the Universidad Santa María because law at the private Universidad Santa María has a horrible reputation. The Amazonas governor is a native American. The Chávez governors of Yaracuy, Falcón, Trujillo, Guárico and Barinas who are not military coup mongers themselves came from families with military involved in coups against democratically elected governments or guerrilleros who fought against democratically elected governments.

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