Monday, 19 July 2010

Venezuelan music for export

If you want to break the ice, just play a little bit of this and be sure to provide for a good cocktail with Venezuelan rum and real tropical fruits.


  1. Yeah, they rock and I watched them live this year...
    But if you want to talk about great venezuelan bands that are underrated or unknown abroad, it's practically a cultural crime that Bacalao Men, Pablo Estacio's and Rafael Gómez' band, is unheard of even in other LA countries.
    If you add to that nucleus Gómez amazing solo album last year, "El Norte", and their cheeky salsa band, "Team Malin", you get a measure of how talented and versatile these guys are.

  2. Well, Vicente, I have to own up I am not very up to date with Venezuelan music: they are new to me as well (shame on me).

    Thanks for sharing. I will look for their music.


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