Friday, 16 July 2010

Looking at skeletons in the wrong closet

Wrong skeleton!

The Colombian government informed in great detail about the presumed whereabouts of top level FARC men in Venezuela. This comes at a moment when inflation in Venezuela is going through the roof, when the murder rate remains out of control (the highest by far in South America) and when scandal after scandal about rotten food or anything else pop up (just a random selection of anything else here).

What does the military regime in Caracas do? Caudillo Chávez declares the government opened Simón Bolívar's grave to examine the skeleton inside and find out whether semi-God Bolívar really died of tuberculosis or US Americans murdered him. Never mind we are not sure those are Bolívar's bones. Never mind the vast majority of Venezuelans think there are a zillion other priorities. The personality cult around Bolívar (and as usual linked to the current caudillo) has taken new dimensions.

A few days ago the Venezuelan government had announced the Dutch military had violated Venezuelan airspace with their aircraft. I wonder what purpose the Dutch may have had.

Going back to the FARC issue in Venezuela: Colombians announced one of the big guerrilla guys is in the Perijá Region. The FARC is said to have a base there. The location is exactly in the territory where the Venezuelan government "returned land" to the native American communities of the Yukpa (the Westernmost group of Carib Indians). Curiously, a lot of Indian groups in other parts of Venezuela had been demanding lands for a long time but the government has completely ignored them. The only ones who "got" some land were the Yukpas. Those lands had been stolen some decades ago by terratenientes. Unfortunately, the Yukpas haven't got much control of that land : the military and, according to some sources- FARC are the ones in control. Basically, the government pretended to give land to the Yukpas because they wanted to seal off the area from anyone else and the Yukpas have hardly any means of spreading information to the outside world. Hardly anyone can get into that area now, even NGOs trying to bring medicine to the destitute Yukpas.

Chávez et alia do not want you to take a loo at certain skeletons located, among other places, between municipality Rosario de Perijá, municipality Jesus Enrique Losada and the Colombian border.

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