Friday, 29 May 2009

Chavez Eternal Talk to the Nation

Every week Chavez has his talkshow. He talks for hours. He never goes to cabinet meetings. He does government through talkshow. All his ministers have to sit there in front of him. He talks to people from some place in Venezuela, he discusses all kinds of projects, he insults people present and not, he talks to journalists (although he does not allow real interviews), he sings, he tells stories about his childhood.

This time he announced he would celebrate the 10 years of his president-show by making an extra long one. He started yesterday Thursday and he will finish late on Sunday. Some Venezuelans who don't watch the show have asked themselves when he will do number 1 and number 2. Those who have seen a bit of it know that is what some folkloric dances are for.

Anyway, in the present show Chávez has already asked his versatile Minister of Information , Diosdado Cabello, when this is going to close down the only regime-critical TV station there is now, Globovisión (with a reach of 30% at most as it can only be seen in Caracas or via cable). So, expect that to be happening soon. Even a lot of Chavistas are having it hard to swallow that one, but then they don't dare to contradict the Jefe.

It would be a tragedy for Globovisión workers and yet I think the closing of this TV station would be good for us oppos in the long run: it would make many Venezuelans get out of their houses. Right now they are glued to the "oppo channel". Globo talks to the already converted.
And the opposition needs to go out and do something Chavez doesn't do in his eternal talk to the Nation: debate with it and actually listen to it.

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