Thursday, 21 May 2009


Some days ago I placed here a poll to ask your main national background. Although this blog is getting more and more visits, the vast majority are still lurkers. Anyway, in spite of that I got a response.

  • Most visitors are EU citizens
  • There are almost as many Venezuelan visitors and some of them have another nationality
  • The amount of US Americans is also important
  • There are also some Canadians, more than their share in the world's population
I can tell you from the data I have about the lurkers that:
  • The US is the major source of visitors
  • Germany is the EU country with the most visitors, followed by the UK
  • The only country in Europe from which I did not have a visitor this month was Serbia, I did have several Slovenian visitors!
  • There are visitors from most Asian countries, with exceptions in Central Asia and most Arab-speaking Middle East countries (but then hello Jordan and UAE!)
  • The continent with the least visitors is Africa, but there are some constant visitors from half a dozen countries
Now I will make another poll and I hope some more lurkers come and write what they want to read about regarding Venezuela and perhaps its European connection. If there are special requests, please write them down in the comments' section.

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