Thursday, 7 May 2009

Eurodeputies concerned about Venezuela or 4% against 0.148%

The European Parliament has just approved a resolution condemning the Venezuelan government's latest political persecution. You can find the motion here.

Antonio García, Venezuela's business representative to the EU said 'this was a maneuver of the right and extreme right" and the parliamentarians did not represent even 4% of the Parliament's representatives". What García does not say is that all European deputies get to know well beforehand what is going to be debated and they all can vote. Also: most votings at the European Union take place with just a tiny fraction of European representatives. If what the Chavez regime calls "extreme right" just made it to less than 4%, the "extreme left" (or actually, the Chavez fans) are many less. Actually, there were 27 euro-deputies who voted for the resolution and only one who defended Chávez (I will find out who that one is...perhaps Sarah Wagenknecht, the German Eurodeputy who mourns the SED dictatorship?). So: 4% against 0.148%.

Here in Spanish


  1. Have you seen that one? Seems like some people are weaking up...


  2. Anonymous, thanks very much for that!
    We would never had known about it.
    I will get further into that.
    (and it was the Green some extent it does not surprise me: in Germany and given the political constellation and concerns and interests the Grosse Koalition has)


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