Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Getting to know you a wee bit better

As you probably know, a blogger can find out a lot of interesting things about readers just by looking at the basic statistics of visitors. Still, there is something I would like to know and browsers cannot tell me: what is the main national background of my readers. I want to find out, for instance, what the Venezuelan/non-Venezuelan ratio is among readers outside Venezuela.

You can select multiple origins.

Thanks for your cooperation!


  1. I know there are people from all over the world and there are some one-time visitors and many frequent visitors. I want to learn more about their origin.
    There are, for instance, a lot of visitors from Canada and I wonder how many of them are of Venezuelan origin. There are also a lot in Germany and much less so in the UK (but still, over 50 visitors from the UK this month).
    There are people visiting from Japan and India, Mexico and Argentina.
    Some are certainly people who just stumbled by accident, others are looking for information on Venezuela.


  2. Cool, I see already people voting. I hope more join in.
    It would also be nice if you wrote here the topics you would like to read about Venezuela .


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