Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The murders in Carabobo state, Venezuela

Every year in Germany about 800 out of 82 million people get murdered. The murder rate is stable to decreasing. In Carabobo, a Venezuelan state with around 2,2 million people, around 1820 persons have been murdered in the last 12 months.

I have been following month after month the statistics on murder in Carabobo because it is my state, there is a little bit more transparency there and I know the place very well.

Carabobo's criminality is comparable with that of Caracas or some other regions. Even places in the countryside that 15 years ago were rather safe are getting closer to the level of Caracas and Carabobo.

Hats off to Guido for his animation of the statistics

As reference, from Wikipedia, murder rate of most dangerous countries (murders per 100000 persons/year):

Iraq [8]

101 89
Guatemala [9][10][11] 49.92 54 56 34 32 35 43 49 57.9 57.9
Sierra Leone [12]


El Salvador [13][14] 37.3 34.6 31.1 32.7 41.0 54.9 55.3 49.1
Jamaica [15] 34 44 40 36 54 58 49

Venezuela [16][17][18] [19][20] 37 40 49 59 45.2 42.1 49.4 48
Honduras [21] 25.8 25.2 30.7 35.0 36.3 42.0 45.2

Angola [12]


South Africa [22][23] 49.6 47.8 47.4 42.7 40.3 39.6 40.5 38.6
Somalia [12]


Liberia [12]


Colombia [24][25][26] [27][28][29] 62.7 64.6 65.8 51.8 44.6 39.3 37.3 37 33 33


  1. ¿Could you link to other city/murder rates per 1K so as to put things in perspective?
    Nothing wrong with Germany, just gimme some Ciudad de México, Río, Medellín and Johanesburg...
    I'm starting to think the crime situation is a deliberate "Shock Doctrine" method used by the government. According to Naomi Klein, the use of force, coercion and poverty beat the population into submission and allow unpopular economic policies. She sees it in Chile and China, but if you ever give the book a look the analogies are baffling.

  2. P.S.: Your "Oil Wars" right bar link is inactive. Give it a look and then erase this comment.

  3. Vicente,
    Thanks. I corrected it and added also another link of pro-Chavez.
    Imagine Chavistas dared to link to us...they would probably stop being Chavistas.

  4. As for putting things in perspective, I will do it with Chile and Colombia later on. Right now I am pretty busy.

    This can give you some reference:
    Notice, though, that Venezuelan stats are mostly missing after 2002 as Jesse Chacon and other Chavistas have been hiding a lot of data big time (among other things, Venezuela stopped sending data on murder to United Nations in 2002)

  5. To the Anonymous:


  6. Great work with the visual graph. I knew that around Christmas time the police start matraqueando more and the malandros rob a lot more due to people having more cash on them either for shopping or utilidades, but seeing that ball bounce at the end of the year is frightening.

    Tis the season to be jolly no?


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