Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Chavez supporters paint Nazi symbols on walls of governor's building

(more pictures in the "paint" link)

Chavez supporters led by Alirio Mendoza, the mayor of the municipality where Los Teques is, surrounded the building of the Miranda state government, ruled by the opposition. They then proceeded to paint swastiskas on the building walls. This is particularly tasteless: the governor's great-grandparents had been murdered by Nazis.

The Chavez supporters (including Chavista mayor) were claiming governor Capriles Radonsky, one of the few opposition governors, had eliminated the Missions in Miranda. This is not true, those missions are controlled by the national government and they are having problems exclusively because of the national government, but then the Chavez mobs simply do what their leaders order them to do.

Anyway: what was the point of those criminals to paint those swastikas? Do they realise what they are doing? Why did the police do nothing about that? What is going to happen to that Chavez mayor who led that action?


  1. The pictures remind me more on Reichskristallnacht, the sadest day in german history, when there was huge destruction, looting and painting of anti-semitic hate simbols on jewish property. It was an important milestone in the process that ended in the murdering of a huge percentage of european jews.
    The simbols are different. Chávistas are not yet even close to the evilness of Nazi-Germany. Nonetheless the attitude shown in the pictures does point in that direction...

  2. Chavismo is definitely not at the level of Nazism. Some of them probably painted those swastikas because they wanted to imply the opposition is "Nazi"...but then the very aggressive way Chavistas have, their official intimidation, the fact their mayor led the group, their use of such expressions as "the anger of the people" (Zorn des Volkes, just like during the Krisallnacht)...that shows a lot about them.
    Their shameless twisting of the law time after time, Chavez's words about "annihilating the opposition", etc...well, it is going very badly.


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