Friday, 14 February 2014

What I think the opposition should do (I)

Venezuela is deteriorating continuously and yet
  1. there is still a large part of the population that does not understand the dynamics of the economy, who still think part of the problem in Venezuela is "speculators" and "hoarding" and not the completely failed economic policies and who do not grasp how Venezuela is isolating itself from the rest of the world
  2. the government, with its complete disregard of democratic principles, is carrying out an extensive brain wash plan to keep people uninformed
  3.  those using the student marches to demand for an urgent change, a power change, do not say concretely how that power is going to take place and under what legal conditions given the fact we had -very dirty and contested- elections last year. There are legal procedures to be determined.
Students have the right to protest against the government for many reasons. They have the right now.

And yet: the country is still not ready for a change. We need to wait for the moment. That moment is coming soon as the economy will deteriorate further and further. But if we try to force things now, just before those who are on the threshold make out their minds, we are going to blow away our opportunity for years.
What is to be done? by psychopath Lenin: we need a better plan to go against the extreme left

We do need to be active now, but differently. The amount of time most people are ready to protest cannot be the same as in Ukraine or Egypt because we have had a different story than they did: we have been marching and protesting at least since 2002. The general public needs time to prepare for big demonstrations but we need also to prepare the path for them. 

What we need now is to work in an organised manner against the brain washing scheme. What we need to do now is to educate the population. To do that we must set up groups carrying out propaganda work in very much guerrilla style, flash mob-style but in a serious fashion, distribute fully verifiable information about how real life is outside Venezuela, about corruption in Venezuela, about democracy principles, about pluralism, about the sense of real, open debate - as opposed to "dialogue"…and we need to do that for months and months.

And then and only when the economic situation is worse than it is already now – when it gets even worse – we will manage to get more people to join.
When we do that we would need to have very clear demands.

I will be more concrete on a coming post.

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  1. when the economic situation is worse, the repression on all fronts will also be worse.The government will protect itself.


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