Thursday, 27 February 2014

European Union speaks out in support of opposition leaders and for peaceful negotiations

The European Union has spoken out very clearly today, asking the Venezuelan government to

  • take back the false accusations against opposition leaders
  • implement a plan for peaceful negotiation of the conflict
  • disarm the paramilitary groups (the ones the Maduro and previous Chávez governments simply described as "colectivos")
There were 463 votes supporting this motion, 45 against (basically the extreme left) and 37 abstentions.
I will try to find out more but this is arguably the most clearer message from the European Union in a long time. Bear in mind the vote took place in Strasbourg on a Thursday at noon, when most European deputies usually leave the French city for their normal location in Brussels or to spend time in their original countries.

In Spanish here


  1. Where on the European Parliament website is the record of the vote held? I've looked but I can't locate it.

    Can you please direct me to it so that I can check the individual members voting record.


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, very much appreciated.



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