Thursday, 13 February 2014

Protests in Venezuela 2014

This is a post that will be evolving. Bear with me, I will simply add and restructure information as I find time to do it.

At least two students protesting against Maduro's regime were killed in the 12 February marches in Venezuela. Here you can see a couple of videos showing how policemen shoot at one of those students who died.

One pro-government paramilitary man, "Juancho", was also killed. You can read an interview he gave to Al Jazeera last year here. Emiliana has a well-written account on vigilantes and criticism about the way in which Leopoldo López went forward with the marches here. I agree with her.

Maduro has ordered the detention of López. The government deputies are organising a National Assembly vote to take away the parliamentary immunity of another opposition leader, María Corina Machado. As the government has the absolute majority, they will get away with it. They will probable want to send her to jail as well.

There are scores of wounded students in cities such as Barquisimeto and San Cristóbal. Unfortunately, international journos have a tendency to stick to the capital of the country they are covering and every seldom go out of it. This is particularly the case in dangerous Venezuela.

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  1. Please keep posting. The UK press is not covering this.


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